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To My Favorite Dog Trainer

Jayson Williams

Play Hard, Do Your Best

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To Rick Best Wishes


Dear Rick

My little bundle of energy was hard to control. After having your trainers work with him and us to change his behavior we brought him home. Once he was home his behavior was GREAT! he listened to us even when loose in the yard.

 Thanks What A Great Job!

In Memory

To A Dog Trainer That Delivers Results, Thanks TP


Dear Rick,

  Just wanted to let you know how happy my wife and I are with Ringol. We sent you a good dog adopted from  Craig's List who was older and had some social issues. Your trainer Tony Amato turned  him into  a GREAT dog. Prior to training he was VERY dog aggressive-now we take him to the dog park off leash and he has a great time. Since most of the dogs are young he cannot keep up with them but he is friendly with them and plays. We no longer have to walk him around the yard -he goes off leash and returns on command. Both of us have recommended your school to a number of people already. His training was worth every penny to get such a wonderful companion at the end. The best part was having Tony come to the house after training and train us!!  Also bringing his dogs along to show how we should handle "other dog encounters" was really helpful.. Please feel free to use my note our your website and give my phone number to any clients who have questions about Robinswood Training. You have our complete support.

 Thank you again,

 Bobby Rydell and Linda Hoffman

Dear Rick & Mike,

We have owned Dobermans since 1971 in total over the years six. We met you under strange circumstances and will be forever grateful for your guidance and support but most importantly for selling us this wonderful animal "Tinkerbell". Her temperament and personality are the BEST.

She's very well mannered and obedient, following your simple training guidelines we know she will exceed all our expectations.  We are so very happy to have met you and will highly recommend you to anyone

 that wants a "true companion" and loyal family member.  Thank you for helping us make this decision and thank you for giving "Tink" the foundation and training to excel as a great dog ...healthy, loving and fun. The Doberman Pinscher is one of the best breeds of dog in the world. Your knowledge of their behavior and training is excellent and after 39 years of having only Dobermans we appreciate your skills. Thank you for your devotion to these wonderful animals and thank you again for "Tinkerbell".

Jerry, Liz and Tinkerbell D.

Brick, N.J.



 Last year I dropped off my two labs, Bella and Amigo.  They were both very crazy and too much for me to handle.  After you took them for two weeks, you were quickly able to straighten them out and then you started the next challenge... training me.  This took a little longer and took more than a couple of months.  You were very patient and had no problem when I would call in for some quick advice every now and then.  Over the last year, I have changed drastically and now enjoy taking my dogs off leash to the beach.  We live in Hawaii now and last week, because of your training my yellow lab, Bella was saved.  We were in the water off leash wading through the sandbar to get to a dog beach when I saw an electric eel on the floor.  Bella walked right passed it and I saw it begin to follow her.  I yelled for her to stop and she did.  Then I yelled "Bella, come".  Almost immediately after she stopped she looked to me for a command and as soon as I was on the C to come she responded.  The eel was about less then a foot from her back paw when she started running towards me.  Crisis adverted and we thank your training for potentially saving her life.

 Thank you again!

 Ken Burch

Great People Make Great Results,

Thanks Robinswood Team

To Rick, Cookie & Family

Have a great Holiday. Best wishes in threw New Year! You are one of our very best friends.

Thank You! Robinswood:

Kentucky Colonel Jack Wnek

To The Greatest Dog Trainer Ever.

To Rick

I just wanted to thank you again for taking my hysterical phone call last March! and for bringing the puppy in so quickly. You are such a miracle worker. I can't believe the difference in him.

(Sorry NO PHOTO)

Dear Rick & Family

We can't thank you enough for Molly! She is an abslute joy and the star of the show o matter where we go. She loves to play with Delany and is so very good around everyone, even my 8 month of godson.  We can't brag about her enough! You provided us with such wonderful well trained and beutyful dog.

The Doran Family

To Rick

Great job with Quincy. I didn't think training a stubborn 4 year old dog was possible. He listens and is more enjoyable.