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During a dog's life he can develop behavior problems that can last a lifetime if left uncorrected. Through our expert guidance and proven training methods we can end your dog's negative behaviors such as chewing, digging, jumping, going into garbage, nipping, excessive barking, over aggressiveness, housebreaking, etc. We start by taking the dog out of the environment where the problem behavior occurs and break the habit pattern.

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Next we thoroughly train the dog and begin to correct the negative behaviors. We then teach the owner proper handling and behavior techniques before the dog is reintroduced to the home. This is then reinforced by outpatient or in home lessons depending on the training course you choose. We will prepare you and your dog for a lifetime of happiness and understanding. Through obedience you can establish a rapport and a way of communicating with each other. Basic Training is a very thorough on-leash course which is the foundation of all other aspects of training. The dog is taught ALL commands with hand signals as well as voice. Also included is a problem elimination and an orientation into advanced obedience training.

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Is a very comprehensive training program consisting of the dog working totally off a leash. This is the ultimate training course for those who want to compete in obedience trials or just have a highly trained dog.

Basic Course
Your dog will stay with us for a two-week period. During that time, we will teach your dog 12 commands with hand signals, as well as, voice, and correct any of it's negative behaviors. The dog will be worked, walked and played with several times a day. At the end of the first week, we will have you come out for your first lesson, so that we can begin teaching you to handle before the dog goes home. During this lesson, we teach you 6 commands and set up some of the behavior solutions. The second week you will return for your exit lesson. We will do a strong review, and teach the balance of the commands and behavior solutions. Part of this lesson includes proper nutrition and scheduling as well as procedures for housebreaking. You then take your dog home, and there is required practice of 20 minutes a day so that you coordinate with the training. Next we will have you return for 2 outpatient lessons where we will review and strengthen your handling skills and also teach you to work some distance away from your dog. The fee for this course includes boarding, training and lessons. We do give a written guarantee on our work.

Advanced Course
In this very comprehensive and elite training program, your dog stays with us for an eight-week period. During this time he will learn 14 commands with hand signals as well as voice. He will obey you from up to a football field away off leash. As in our other courses you will participate weekly in lessons, while your dog is undergoing its training. In addition to the lessons that you attend at our facility. The fee for this course includes boarding, training and lessons. We do give a written guarantee on our work. * This is the ultimate training course for those who wish to compete in obedience trails or for those who just wish to have a highly trained companion. This course includes training equipment, boarding, training, lessons, and two baths.

Our puppy consultation will give you a great start for a lasting relationship with your new companion! Starting your new pet off with the right training program will help you to avoid the numerous behavior issues that frustrate so many new owners. We offer this service to owners of puppies that are under four months of age. During this consultation, you will be taught humane techniques used to properly correct your pet without breaking his trust or confidence in you.

Topics that will be taught in this session will include:
A) Housebreaking B) Nutritional needs
C) Leash breaking
D) Problem elimination: including, chewing, digging, jumping, nipping, mouthing, stealing, begging, excessive barking, and over aggressiveness.
The fee for this consultation will be credited in full towards our basic obedience training course when your puppy reaches four months of age. Please call us Monday thru Saturday to set up your appointment! Call (609)296-3627 or email us at

A responsibly trained protection dog is a joy to own and can provide you with a lifetime of companionship, love, and SECURITY. There are various degrees of protection training, from the basic home-protector to the highly sophisticated personal body guard.

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